In Borneo, Kéria takes in a baby orangutan found on the palm oil plantation where her father works. At the same time, her cousin Selaï comes to stay with them to escape the conflict between his nomadic family and the logging companies. The ancestral forest is under threat more than ever. Together, Kéria, Selaï and the baby monkey named Oshi will brave every obstacle to fight against the planned destruction.

Director: Claude Barras
Script: Claude Barras, Catherine Paillé
Production: Nadasdy Film, Haut et Court, Panique !, Hélium Films, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Beast Animation, Personne n'est parfait !
World Sales: Good Fellas
Distributor Switzerland: Frenetic Films
Distributor France: Haut et Court Distribution

Technique: Puppet animation, Stop Motion
Length: 87 minutes

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